Can I improve or get rid of smile lines with facial equipment?

Facial massage helps promote healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles. It has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, helping you look and feel better. Whether you want to use facial massage purely for relaxation or to treat a specific condition, there are plenty of techniques to try.
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Let's take a look at how far facial appliances can improve and eliminate lines, and how to use them.
(1) Can ultrasonic facial appliances improve lines?
How does an ultrasonic facial appliance work?
In an ultrasonic facial device, sound at a frequency that is inaudible to humans vibrates millions of times per second, stimulating the deeper layers of the skin.
The microscopic stimulation stimulates cell activity, promotes blood circulation, and activates the skin's metabolism.
It is thought to have a certain effect on improving the sagging and swelling that causes lines, but there is no clear evidence.
(2) Can iontophoretic facial appliances improve fine lines?
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    Function of an ion-introduction device An ion-introduction facial appliance uses an extremely weak electric current to allow the beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.
Let me explain in more detail.
There are two main mechanisms of ion-introduction.
The first mechanism is to use the cationic (positive ions) or anionic (negative ions) properties of the cosmetic ingredients to deliver the ingredients deep into the skin through the repulsive force of the same type of micro-current flowing through the ion-introduction device.
The second mechanism is to break through the electrical film between the stratum corneum and the stratum granulosum to allow the beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.
In the epidermis, the stratum corneum is acidic and full of cations (+), while the stratum granulosum inside it is anionic (-) and alkaline.
+The + and - ions repel each other, forming an electrical film that acts like a barrier.
Normally, it is difficult for beauty ingredients to penetrate deeper than the stratum corneum due to this electric film, but by applying a weak electric current with an ion-introduction device, the stratum corneum and granular layer become neutral, weakening the electric film and making it easier for beauty ingredients to pass through the film.
It is said that using an ion-introduction facial device can increase the absorption rate of cosmetic products by about 30 to 100 times compared to applying them to the skin normally.
However, there is no evidence to support this claim.
Can ionizing agents be used to prevent lines? In addition to whitening effects, vitamin C derivatives can also increase collagen and suppress sebum.
As a result, it can be expected to improve dullness and acne scars.
Narsugen also increases collagen, elastin, HSP (heat shock protein)47 and glutathione, an antioxidant enzyme.
In addition, placenta has an antioxidant effect that prevents oxidation of the skin.
The penetration of these ingredients can help prevent lines and prevent them from becoming deeper than they already are.
However, it is best not to expect significant improvement in deep lines.
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    Use the ionizer properly. Originally used by dermatologists and cosmetic dermatologists, a variety of ion-introduction facial appliances are now available over the counter.
Over-the-counter ionizing facial toners have weaker electric currents and are less effective than their medical counterparts, but they are also safer.
They are also simple to use, making home care simple and easy.
As for the appropriate frequency, it is difficult to say since it is necessary to decide which ionizer to use, the ingredients used in the ionizer, and the skin type and condition of the user.
Basically, if you have normal or oily skin, you don't have to worry so much, but if you have dry, combination, inner dry, or sensitive skin, your barrier function is lowered.
So be cautious as there is a risk of irritation from the beauty ingredients penetrating well.
It is recommended that you consider your skin condition and other factors, and use the product within a reasonable range.
If you use it properly, you will be able to nurture beautiful skin.
(3) Does the facial roller improve lines?
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    Function of the facial roller The facial roller is a beauty device that improves the flow of blood and lymph and stimulates facial muscles by lightly rolling the roller, which is expected to have a beautiful effect on the skin.
Although you cannot expect immediate results from using a facial roller, continuous use can be expected to prevent or improve signs of aging.
However, there is no clear evidence.
Be careful not to roll the facial roller too hard rubbing it to get quick results, as it may put a strain on your skin and risk causing blemishes and blackheads in your pores.
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    How to use the facial roller The basic way to use the facial roller is "from bottom to top" and "from inside to outside".
If you want to care for your entire face, start by rolling it from your mouth toward your ears, then gradually shift it upward to your cheeks.
Once you have rolled it from your eyes to your ears, roll it from between your eyebrows to your hairline.
When using it around the eyes and other areas where the skin is thin, be especially careful not to apply too much pressure.
Because it is so easy to use, it is important to use it correctly.
As for the price, it varies. Some are inexpensive and can be purchased for as little as 100 yen.
Those with higher beauty effects, such as those containing germanium, are often sold in the price range of around 15,000 to 30,000 yen.
Basically, facial equipment tends to vary in price, with most facial equipment priced below 20,000 yen being simple, single function facial equipment, and more advanced facial equipment available as the price increases.
The higher the price, the more authentic the facial roller.
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    Can facial rollers help prevent lines? The cause of lines is the weakening of facial muscles, and rolling your face with a facial roller has the effect of stimulating facial muscles.
In addition, by improving the flow of blood and lymph in the face, it can be expected that cells will be activated, turnover will be promoted, and waste products will be discharged smoothly.
These effects can be expected to prevent sagging, prevent lines, and make lines less noticeable than they already are.
However, you should not expect significant improvement in deep lines.
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    Can steam facial appliances improve lines?
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    Function of steam facial appliances A steam facial appliance is one that blows out warm, very fine steam, and can be used to combat facial coldness.
It is expected to lift and remove dirt from pores, promote blood circulation, and relax the skin.
In particular, it is effective for skin problems such as blackheads and pores.
In addition, using a steamer-type facial device opens up the pores, which can be expected to remove dirt, unwanted keratin and keratin plugs from the pores. So, it is effective for strawberry nose.
Furthermore, after the steam facial equipment, moisturizing and anti-aging toners will penetrate more easily.
Steam facial appliances have the advantage that you only need to purchase the facial appliance itself and nothing else will cost you, making it a cost-effective facial appliance.
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    Can steam facial equipment help prevent lines? Steam facial appliances are expected to improve the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness.
Since it only applies steam to the skin, it does not directly approach the lines, but only supports the penetration of anti-aging cosmetics used in the next step.
On the other hand, if you leave your skin un-moisturized after using a steam facial device, your skin will easily dry out.
It is important to moisturize your skin after using the steam facial equipment.
To prevent dry skin, use anti-aging cosmetics that contain ceramides and other ingredients with high moisturizing effect. This is effective in treating shallow lines.
Among ceramides, we recommend ceramide serums and ceramide creams that contain human ceramides, which have a high affinity for the skin and excellent moisturizing power.
(4) Can EMS facial equipment improve fine lines?
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    How EMS facial appliances work
EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which is a low frequency that stimulates muscles to contract.
EMS facial appliances are expected to stimulate the cells of the epidermis to activate the turnover process.
It also activates the fibroblast cells, which can be expected to promote the production of collagen that gives the face its firmness.
In addition, stimulating the facial muscles with the EMS facial appliance is expected to improve sagging and lift up the face.
However, the effects of EMS facial appliances, like other facial appliances, do not have a complete body of evidence.
Can EMS be used to prevent fine lines? Exercises to strengthen facial muscles to prevent lines and other problems require steady efforts and patience, but with EMS facial appliances, you only need to apply them to your face for one to five minutes every day, so you can continue without stress.
There is also the risk of deepening wrinkles if you do the wrong exercises, but with the EMS facial appliance, you can get the right amount of muscle training without worrying about that.
Of course, this doesn't mean that deep lines will improve all at once, but it is an effective way to prevent lines and make them less noticeable.
As you can see, there are various types of facial appliances, but it is better to use them for the purpose of preventing lines and making them less noticeable than before, rather than improving deep lines.
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